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Where to go to see is a conundrum in life because it is really a question of prioritizing in our life what is most important to us as well as what is within the realm of the possible. Someday we feel like a fish in an aquariums yet when we visit the aquarium we are fascinated with the underwater realm yet feel sad that those beautiful fish are really captured and prisoners just to amuse our senses. If on occasion we can find a real race track and wander through the stables and watch the horses warm up we cannot be impressed too much with the fierce spirits of competition yet feel like the freedom of the horses running the track is nothing but a farcical expression of a performance whose central purpose is not the race at all but to serve the Entertainment of others betting at the track in wild abandon and drunken revelry. Rather than seek solace in the quiet and sometimes mysterious stacks of the library where that quiet but pretty lady with wire rimmed glasses and a calm face stamps the books as they are turned in - assessing fines for those that returned too slow - it might be more fun to seek a magic show where street magicians entertain crowds on the street for donations of passerby’s.

If on a quiet afternoon you find only a few coins in your pocket - not even enough to buy a bottle of Coca Cola - you can still feast your intellectual curiosity and improve you intellect by visiting your local museums and galleries where the weekly theme may actually feature incredible displays from borrowed works from much larger museums and galleries from afar. Ponder the night or fascinate yourself about how the ancients used to ply the oceans without a compass or GPS - in some cities - often associated with universities plan to spend an evening viewing the stars from inside a planetariums - wondering and marveling at the vast numbers of stars invisible to our urban eyes so dwarfed by the continuous lights that seem to mandate presence in our daily and nightly lives.

As we approach Halloween we sometimes get these fanciful urges that we just cannot explain as we traverse the graveyards - feeling a warm breeze on a cold winter's night making the skin damp and tingle as your psychic skills conjure the presence of those who have passed before after some hideous yet secret and dark events.

Sometimes we can find these types of adventures and stories embellished more visibly in theme parks with day by day entertainment for old and young alike - yet with this fun is conveyed invaluable lessons about our life and our society and our history and traditions. Somehow the stories in these theme parks form and strengthen the legends of future generations. Occasionally these theme parks take the form of water parks with fountains and laser lights and large orange gold fish and river carp awaiting someone to throw the last of their popcorn into the water causing shrieks of joy of small children as the fish roll, jump and tumble trying to get the popcorn before any other fish gets it.

Beyond the fish and water parks one can visit some of the most fascinating animals that share our planet with us at many of the zoos that can be found in major cities of the world. Zoos are instructive to us because they always raise the question - who is being protected from whom?

A final thought - increasingly there are Vineyards & Wineries opportunities in most parts of the world but if you want to go and do such things it is wise to read up on the creation of various wines and really make a great social occasion one that increases your knowledge. Enjoy the wines as they are placed before you but do not drink too much and always be prepared to buy a bottle or two as a means of thanking the proprietor who spends so much time with you to aid your understanding of his craft.

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