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Aquariums are glass cases in which animals that thrive in water environments are kept. When people normally think of aquariums they think of ones that hold fish and a majority of the time, that's correct, but aquariums also hold creatures such as snakes, lizards, and other invertebrates. If you decide to take a trip to the aquarium though, you're more than likely going to go to a fish related aquarium. Aquariums can either be part of or separate from a zoo facility. Some zoos have so many other species of wildlife that they need to care for that they cannot afford to maintain a large aquarium with a huge assortment of fish. If you're looking to get a taste of real aquatic culture, a trip to an actual aquarium may be in order. 

In large aquarium facilities in the United States, there are hundreds, sometimes thousands of different tanks, all containing different varieties of fish. Some tanks are built to simulate an actual aquatic environment so the aquarium patrons re able to walk through or around the tank wish a sense of "being there." These massive tanks, that house sharks, manatees, and in some occasions, whales, are in excess of a few million gallons of water. Just like a zoo, there are plenty of activities for young children to do, such as petting tanks that allow people to stroke sting-rays and other docile life. One thing that may be important to remember, and will surely be reminded to you when you enter an aquarium, is to not touch or tap the glass. I'm sure you wouldn't like it if someone tapped on your window all the time either!

Aquariums are relatively cheap to enter so if you get the chance, it may be a good idea to donate to an aquatic research fund to help the aquarium stay in business. Creatures become endangered every day and it would be a shame to have some of the ones you saw during the day go extinct. With plenty to see and do, aquariums are an all day event and are often popular for field trips and schools.

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