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Auto Racing

Among the best amusements of our time the car racing keeps its leadership regardless of its venerable age. Speed and risk are the all-time pleasures exciting both men and women, making the heart beat faster. Visiting stock car event will surely add some spice to your daily routine.

Stock car racing is a popular kind of sport well known in the United States, Brazil, New Zealand, Canada and Great Britain. Traditionally, the racers run on oval tracks 0.25 to 2.66 miles in length. The high level races usually run on the distance of 200 to 600 miles (322 to 966 km). Some stock cars can make 200 mph, can you just imagine it? For the purposes of safety some stock cars can be provided with the restrictor plates.

So what is the stock car? In the original sense of this term, a stock car is an automobile that has not underwent any changes and has the standard factory configuration. Later this term came to denote any production-based automobile used for racing purposes. This term is used to provide clear distinction between such a car and any upgraded, custom-built car specially designed for racing. But the regulations required from stock cars make them far less sophisticated when compared to their civilian brothers, for example the biggest in the US stock car organization, NASCAR requires from the cars in all of its racing series to have the carbureted engines, although fuel injection is now commonly used in all the standard passenger cars.

The peculiarity of the stock car racing is that minor car-to-car contact is generally not prohibited. It means that driver can force another car out of the way or push it forward in order to achieve the mutual benefit.

The most famous stock car racing championship is the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, and the main events in the series include Daytona 500, Brickyard 400, Indianapolis 500. They draw thousands of spectators and produce the incredible excitement along with unforgettable impressions.

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