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Museums & Galleries

No matter what type of art or historical piece you're interested in seeing, you're more than likely going to find it at one of the country's thousands of museums or galleries. There will be no shortage of things to see and do at a museum or gallery and depending on your mood, you may be able to make a day trip out of your visit.

Museums display all kinds of interesting things and you can visit one for very cheap as well as bring your friends or classmates along with you. Museums make the perfect field trip for school kids and if you visit a museum in the likes of New York City during the middle of a week day, you're bound to see school groups clamoring for a spot in line to see the main exhibitions. Museums cover a wide variety of areas, all the way from dinosaurs to prehistoric man and even art. Museums, usually owned by the state or city, are generally cheap to get into. Silence, or something close to it, is appreciated throughout both museums and galleries and courtesy to other guests that are looking at the exhibits is expected.

Galleries, similar to museums, are usually more focused on one particular area rather than a wide variety of things. Typically, galleries are associated with art and display many pieces depending on the subject of the gallery and the era at hand. Galleries are normally more expensive than museums and can often be the centerpiece for a party or gathering where patrons gather to drink light beverages and eat hors d'oeuvres. You may be invited to one of these parties, so dress well and appreciate the art with others around you. Art galleries are a great way to meet new people and explore their taste in art.

Overall, museums and galleries for those on a small budget, are a great way to spend any amount of time out of the house and learning new things. If you're more interested in historical things, museums are generally better, and if you're more inclined to learn about art, art galleries may be the thing for you.

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