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Food has always been a good excuse for going out to do a lot of social engagement. This is especially true when both members of the family work and there is precious little time to cook food at home. In addition going out to do something over food provides a god environment for business and pleasure.  

For the more egalitarian person everyday business and details of the day such as the on-the-run 30 minute lunch break have been a huge boon to the fast food industry. Here you can basically buy and receive hot food in less than a few minutes – the food is usually full of fats and carbohydrates but is filling and full of energy to help you make it through the rest of the day. Most offerings include a soft drink (Coca Cola or Pepsi) and plenty of French Fries. Some Fast Food places such as Burger King have provided the marketplace successfully various alternative and wholesome salads and fish with less fat content. Fast food in the USA has enlarged to include many ethnic choices such as Taco Bell (Hispanic) and Jolly Bee (Asian) and Popeyes’ Chicken (Southern Afro-American). But if you like chicken it is never better than the Colonel’s Southern Fried chicken which is delivered in succulents crispy, crunchy, and BBQ.

Restaurants can be found in most urban areas yet many family restaurants are found in smaller villages. Typically a sit down meal provides an opportunity for easy and comfortable social conversation and conduct of business affairs. Many restaurants provide meeting places for community clubs such as Rotary International and Shriners. Some restaurants cater to the breakfast crowd and offer cut-rate breakfasts and lots of coffee early in the morning. Some specialize in eggs, bacon, hash-browns and waffles or pancakes. Other restaurants particularly in business districts make most of their profits from the lunch crowd and they specialize in sandwiches and soups and salads. Restaurants found in suburbs often focus on evening dining where families or business people can entertain and socialize. Segmentation of this market is complex but can be sorted into ethnic foods and specialization of certain types of cuisines such as The Cheesecake Factory, Ruth Chris Steaks, The Olive Garden, and signature restaurant chains that cluster near shopping malls and near major business travel hotels such as Hyatt, Hilton and Holiday Inn. Some recent additions combine an active sports bar theme with quiet booths and hideaways for comfortable dining. Steaks, salads and pasta often are complemented with luscious appetizers and desserts. Many good restaurants like Ruby Tuesdays and TGIF are found around shopping malls and offer specialty drinks and food choices in a dress down comfortable appeal to the traveler and younger crowds.

Any way you put it - when it comes to finding things to do, food, socialization and business is the best and most profitable things to do where you have wide and varied choices of coffee houses, tea houses, fast food, ice cream parlors, frozen yogurt, pizza places, bakeries, breweries and restaurants.


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