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Fast Food

Fast Food - Class of dishes of fast preparation usually offered specialized restaurants. For Fast Food this includes everything that does not require long preparation: coffee, tea, salads, dishes from potato and other vegetables, chicken, eggs, desserts, cooling drinks, pizza both many other simple and tasty, delicious dishes. Often these are prepared in microwave ovens, heaters and deep fat fryers.

Fast Foods basically are located in large shopping malls & centers, movie theaters, on highway crossings and obvious along large highways and roads, so use an opportunity to have a snack during your trip. Most of these are franchised and guaranty a consistent style, experience and food value.

Now Fast Food is possible to find in absolutely any American city. All that is necessary, that’s to choose the one most liked, most convenient and perhaps the closest restaurants to you. There are plenty of networks of fast food restaurants, we have tried to create a most complete list of popular Fast Food restaurants on USA. These establishments are regularly inspected by health and sanitary inspectors. Most food is very fresh due to high throughput of customers. Some is associated with automobile Drive-Ins and others are associated with gasoline stations and high turn-over grocery chains like the famous Seven-Eleven chain of outlets. Some Fast Food centers like McDonald's or Burger King have special play grounds for children and distribute toys in addition to meals. Lately Fast Food restaurants have faced political heat because their menu traditionally was high fat and high cholesterol content. They have responded with an array of healthy high carbohydrate and low fat meals and salads. Other chains of Fast Food appear to be growing along with fast growing ethnic segments such as Asian Yum-Yum Chain and Hispanic specialty foods led by Taco Bell who sell a much wider array of Hispanic foods other than just tacos.

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