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Creativity insulates a person from loneliness. There are many ways to express yourself: crafts, pottery, and even fishing. One of the emerging popular crafts is to "build a bear" making unique variations of Teddy Bears and giving them away to deserving children, kids in hospitals, and older people who need to hold something close. Build a bear kits are available on the Internet as well as Build a Bear shops at your shopping malls. Pottery is taking resurgence in popularity among the retired community despite arthritis of the hands and painful joints the clay cools and feels good. Ceramics is an art that is somewhat linked to pottery as beautiful gales and painting can make routine pottery extraordinary.

Last but not least, fishing - particularly fly fishing where you catch and release, gives you a passport where you can travel anywhere and nobody will ask you what you are up to despite trecking in some of the most out-of-the way places on the earth. Remember - if you do become a fly fisherman to get proper equipment and safety devices. Lastly you might think of investing in a portable rescue beacon such as those advertised on - that is as long as you don't mind your wife tracking you to the local pub when you told her you were going fishing!

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