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Free time is the item in short supply nowadays. But when having some why not to spend it with the certain benefit for your health, mood and general abilities? We learn throughout our life and sometimes the thing we consider to be just a hobby may come in handy for our profession or just contribute our well being in some different way. The leisure activities that will help to distract from routine problems yet able to produce considerable benefits are numerous. So if you want to spend the free time with use and pleasure, try to:

• Create a log where you will monitor your life, analyze the mistakes and successes, set the goals and see how they come true. Life is fast, and sometimes we pass by the important things without noticing them. Try to develop a useful habit of noting down at least five things you are grateful for per day. See how much good happens in your life!

• Improve your physical shape. You may start with some 30 minutes walk every other day and gradually add some exercises. See how your mood improves when you feel yourself more fit.

• Try to volunteer and help others either through your local church or assisting volunteer organizations somewhere in the neighborhood. Doesn't matter what area you are specialized in or how much you know – everyone can prove helpful. You are free to devote as much time as you want to this occupation and soon you will see how helping others may help you feel more confident, conscious and sympathetic. Being the right person at the right place and time is truly inspiring.

• Put aside the TV and turn to the books for wise advices and fresh ideas. Think them over and discuss with your friends, try to look at the world around you with the eyes of other people and see how it will help to understand them.

• Find a useful occupation and learn something new – attend the cooking or dancing lessons, refresh your driving skills in the local driving school.

Don't be afraid to experience something new and unusual, because this is the best way to live your life to the fullest.

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