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Fishing is a past time shared by families for generations. It is one of the oldest methods of hunting known to man and even still today, it is enjoyed by so many. Passed down from our ancestors are timeless fishing techniques and everyone has their own special way of baiting their hook and catching the perfect fish. Although the "sport" of fishing is not the most exciting or the most rigorous, it is the most relaxing, and families from all over the world love to do nothing more than spend a weekend fishing.

Wherever you are in the world you're bound to find a lake or body of water somewhere that you can fish in. Fishing is simply taking a long pole, a fishing rod, and attaching a thin string to the end of it. At the end of the thin string is a small piece of food, or "bait," to lure the fish towards your line. Hidden inside the food at the end of the line is a hook that grabs the inside of the fishes mouth for you to reel him in. If you're fishing with your family, buying a bucket of worms and a few cheap fishing poles from the local store is easy for a short, cheap afternoon on the water, but for those looking to bump up their fishing skills, expensive rods and reels are available.

There are two main types of fishing, saltwater and freshwater. Freshwater fishing is done in just that, freshwater. Freshwater usually consists of lakes and landlocked bodies of water that are free of salt. The types of fish that thrive in this environment differ greatly from those that live in the saltwater and your equipment could suffer if you're not prepared. Freshwater fishing is normally done from either the side of the lake with the line cast inwards or off of the side of a small fishing boat. This type of fishing is placid and best for younger children.

Those looking for a thrill can try the open seas in saltwater fishing. By paying a hefty fee, you can go out onto the open ocean with large fishing rods and catch exotic fish sometimes weighing in at hundreds of pounds.

Fishing is one of those things that never gets old and depending on your budget, can be afforded to some degree by everyone. It's one of those events that just gets the whole family smiling when it's all over.

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