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Many people have this great urge be out amidst the nature, however intimidating it may seem some others. Such people derive great pleasure and excitement going on a journey into the forest. For them, the thick foliage that only allows thin pencils of rays to pass through, the imposing trees and sound of the animals and birds, is the ultimate meaning of joy.

But forest is not an attraction only for people, who are passionate about it. Even people, who want to spend some quality time away from the city, also go onto explore the forests. Due to this reason, the governments have protected many forest areas not only to safeguard the environment, but for the promotion of forests as the place for adventure of the youth.

Going to the forest for thrill and excitement doesn't cost you much. But, since it is also associated with certain amount of risk, you should be very careful how you approach it. Needlessly to say, you can go up to a certain distance within the forest in your car or bike, if the forest is dense. So, in such cases, you should take the help of the experts, who have the knowledge and experience of the area. You should get into the deep forest only under their guidance. But the protected forest areas generally have good access points into it, where you can drive through. You can enjoy the wild animals moving about freely from the confines of your vehicle.  

Before embarking on your journey to the forest, you should pack your essential things meticulously. You may take the suggestions of people, who have already visited that particular forest area. This is more so, if you are planning to camp there. The things that you may need are backpack, torchlight, match box, mosquito repellent etc.

The forest is always a place full of mystery and surprises. Hence, exploring it becomes an experience of immense joy and adventure. It can be down to earth, yet exhilarating. So, when you have the time, get out of humdrum routine and track the unknown realm of forest.

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