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What do you want to do in the evening with friend other than go to a Bars, Lounges, Karaoke or Hookah Spot and just get drunk?  

There are so many ways a sober person can have fun at night. Sometimes you can go dancing on a weekend night - there are clubs with hip hop and there are places where the public can just vet out and dance a smooth gliding tango or rumba. Some places feature folk dances for the public like square dancing and Western two steps. Here fancy dressed couples prance and dance round and round.

Other places that can be fun are places where amateurs can get up on stage and try to sing their favorite songs while their friends marvel at their talent or simply laugh all night long. These places are called karaoke - wildly popular in Asian cultures but largely becoming a fixture around the world. Sometimes the night can end up in a nightclub with drinks and sultry music - sometimes crooned by stars other times played by a disc jockey. Often nightclubs require a dress standard so not everybody can get in. They also require a fee at the door in order to get admitted. Night clubs have live music and disc jockeys playing electronic music and flash king lights and great dance floors.

Other times if you want a quieter intellectual night on the town you can go to coffee houses with live jazz musicians - some places where it is legal - you can find options for water pipes or hookahs - to give you the prerequisite buzz while listening to jazz - otherwise the commaderie itself of other jazz aficionados is sufficient to lay in the framework of a wonderful and ultimately forgetful night with catchy rhythms and sultry eyes and knowing smiles about the state of the world that will never get much better despite our howls of outrage and utter despair of how unfair life can be. Yet we carry on.

Enjoy the night and don't get too serious about life.

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