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Sport - are a wonderful way to get to know a culture and relax and get enthusiastic about your team. Summer in the USA is baseball. Summer on the continent - is football or soccer. Winter is often basketball but in northern climates it can be ice hockey. Fall brings out the best in football American style or soccer on the continent.

Sports heroes used to be national but today's professional sports teams will often have players from most any nation on earth, the only thing that matters is whether they can play the game well. Often if you look in local papers on the sports page you will find times and locations of local games - many amateur. Some semi-professional and others professional.

In most cases, tickets for good seats can be purchased at the field or stadium or internet.

Most games are played in the afternoon or under the lights in the evening. It makes for a wonderful activity with friends to go to sports events and to unplug from that television set. At the sporting events be aware of the crowd cheer leaders and participate with others as they yell for their favorite sports heroes. Oftentimes snacks such as peanuts, popcorn, pizzas, and hot dogs and hamburgers and beer and soft drinks are available - so you do not have to pack a picnic lunch. Just go and enjoy the favorite pastime on a lazy weekend's afternoon with family and friends, rooting for your favorite team - and be sure you are sitting on the right side of the field with others rooting for the same team as you. Otherwise you might instigate a riot rather than a coordinated cheer.

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