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When you are traveling to popular tourist areas such as the Florida gold coast or the Orlando area there are many unconventional fun things to do that are not usually scheduled by ordinary travel agencies. Some examples are shopping at discount factory outlets, taking a "spin" around the countryside in a helicopter, or having a light hearted time in a hot air balloon floating along on the breeze and staying out of thunder storms. While your major focus with factory discount stores, factory tours is getting those fabulous bargains - with the helicopter tours and hot air balloon industry your first attention needs to be safety.

Ask some simple questions before you sign up - like... how long has your company been in business, how experienced are my pilots, and what is the record of safety of the company. Some of this information is tough to get but you can start with the Better Business Bureau and the local Rotary Club for basic business references. Check with the police to see if there have been any obvious safety complaints. But most of all be content in the peace that due diligence brings to an off the beat, adventure.

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